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Gold Dust Salon, the new place to look your best in Eldon, MO!

via Gold Dust Salon, the new place to look your best in Eldon, MO!

For those of use who try to keep up with the new businesses in town, its always great to watch a big step of entrepreneurs come to a happy conclusion.  Its never fun to be the new kid in school or the new shop in the mall,  it simply takes more effort to keep up with the others and even more if you want to standout in the crowd.  But as we grew up, we realized that just about everything has it time in the bright and shiny stage, then the everyday bumps & bruises begin to take their effect and its not long your category changes. Typically, a person just has to apply a good strategy and approach to their efforts, roll their sleeves up just a bit higher & more often than others in the  neighborhood, and show persistence during adversity.  Throw in some friendly smiles and gratitude to others during the daily struggles, and you have the recipe that seldom results if failure and often “SUCCESS”.

So imagine your spouse comes home one afternoon and tells you they got a transfer notice and its time to move to a new location & culture with very few answers and even less of the support and resources you had found so reassuring in the past.  The choices appear to be about the same, either start over here without much or transfer yourselves down there to a whole new culture without much and then start over.   I didn’t get much more of the story to include, but got the main focal point that the choice had been made and there are now two new businesses in the LOTO community, specifically Eldon.  It took a few deep breaths, some mid-night oil, and reliance on the strong skill-sets and abilities built along the way, but the relocation & rebuild was underway!.

Anticipation aside, its time for the LOTO community, to greet two business owners as a husband and wife team, the Sommerville Family!  Mr. Sommerville had the highest employment responsibilities and expectations established by his employer, so with the path determined, the challenge is to exceed expectations.   Mrs. Sommerville packed her travel bags full of cosmetology skills and brought them to a focal point in the picture below, “The Gold Dust Salon“.  We all remember “New-Kid Syndrome”, regardless of where the dividing line is drawn,  so break out the smiles and gratitude for our new LOTO community investors.  From my limited conversations, I foresee myself looking rather dapper & perfectly groomed for the next date night, I already made a new friend who shares a common interest in business.

Never reluctant to be first in line and not to shy to combine Blog & Rhyme.  Removing  our tarnish, mud, dirt and grime, the struggle is real to bring out the shine,   We all love the lake and its design, but its the water we must keep in mind.  Its so important that we even made that great big sign,  the one so big only tourist can miss and maybe the blind.  Counting the cars it comes right to mind,  getting them here takes many a dime.    So a toast to your business I maKe with sweet wine, a second salute is not far behind.  It comes with big hearts & extended arms,  we welcome the GOLD DUST SALON and all its charms, SALUTE!



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Gold Dust Salon, the new place to look your best in Eldon, MO!

Please welcome the newest Salon & Spa company into the LOTO business community, Gold Dust Salon!  The link to their Facebook page is below.  Best wishes and support from CBC to Kassandra Sommerville and her team of Stylist and Cosmetology Professionals! Pic